Checklists, Application Forms and Fees

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Planning Permit Application Form

Planning Permit Application Form

Other permit application forms:

All development applications

Submission of Plans and Drawings (DOC, 91.5 KB)

Typical rural applications

Single dwelling, outbuildings and building and works in Rural Zones (DOC, 86.5 KB)

Use and development of a dwelling in the Farming Zone (DOC, 127 KB)

Buildings and works in a Bushfire Management Overlay (BMO) (DOC, 92.5 KB)

Bushfire Management Statement Template

Removal of vegetation (DOC, 86.5 KB)

Construction of a dam (DOC, 100 KB)

Residential applications

ResCode (DOC, 167 KB)

Typical business/industrial applications

Use of a dwelling for a home occupation business (PDF, 24.02 KB)

Use of land, buildings and works for business (DOC, 99 KB)

Use of land, buildings and works for industry (DOC, 120.5 KB)

Reducing car parking and displaying advertising signage (DOC, 99.5 KB)

Use of land for a liquor license (DOC, 89 KB)

Use of land for public entertainment (DOC, 83.5 KB)


Subdivide land (DOC, 92.5 KB)

Demolition in a Heritage Overlay

Demolition, buildings and works in a Heritage Overlay (DOC, 82 KB)

Additional information, forms and fees

Fees - list of current financial year planning fees

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where do I obtain a copy of the land title, restrictive covenant, section 173 agreement (as applicable) required to be submitted with my application?

    Titles (also known as register search statements) and related attachments can be obtained from Landata, where a fee is usually applicable.

  • How long does a planning permit or other application take for a decision?

    The prescribed lead time for deciding a statutory planning application is within 60 days. Less complex applications such as approving plans or extending an expired permit are generally much quicker, however more complex ones can take longer.

  • How do I object to a planning permit application?

    Objections to planning applications can be lodged on line via Council’s Planning Permit Register (following the prompts for an application on ‘advertising’), by email or post attention Statutory Planning, reference no. (the PA no. or address) PO Box 18 Ballan VIC 3342.

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