Gordon Public Park Improvements

  • Project typePark upgrade

The Gordon Public Park Improvements project aims to support the recommendations of the Gordon Public Park Masterplan (endorsed Sept 2015).

We have secured funding for some of these recommendations and completed the following projects:

  • Installation of skate park
  • Installation of 3x3m basketball practice court & ring

Landscaping works are currently underway at the park, to improve vehicle and pedestrian management throughout the reserve. 

We are still seeking funding for other recommendations such as:

  • Upgrade and extension of playground
  • Installation of shade structure over playground
  • Installation of seating close to courts, clubhouse and playground

Some of these recommendations have already been funded and implemented by the Gordon Public Park Committee of Management Inc, (a volunteer committee appointed by the Minister of Energy, Environment and Climate Change). 

The Committee has secured funding from the Ballan & District Community Bank, Catherine King MP through the Stronger Communities Program and Goldwind Australia through the Moorabool Windfarm Community Fund. 

The Gordon Public Park Improvements project is being delivered by Moorabool Shire Council in partnership with the Gordon Public Park Committee of Management Inc and the Federal Government's Local Roads Community Infrastructure Program (LRCIP).