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Spotted a new bird, plant or animal on your property or in the bush? Share your sightings!

a koala hanging on a tree

There are many ways you can share the wonderful sightings you encounter every day in our lovely Shire.

Ways to upload and share your sightings

Biodiversity of the Western Volcanic Plains Flora and Fauna Field Guide app

Discover the unique flora and fauna of the Western Volcanic Plains

  • Comprehensive descriptions of more than 160 animals and 250 plant species
  • View many images taken within the natural habitat of the species
  • Hear the different animal calls recorded by the Atlas of Living Australia
  • Map and upload sightings of any of the listed species within the Western Volcanic Plains
  • Contribute to a growing database of sightings of both common and threatened grassland species

Visit the Field Guide website


NatureShare is a free, web-based tool for individuals, groups, and communities.

Upload observations, sightings, photos, and species information,

Share the knowledge across Victoria.

The NatureShare database contains 8,500 species names. It includes all the plants, all the major animal groups, and many insect groups known to occur in Victoria. Many more to be added shortly including more insect and invertebrate groups, and fish.

Visit the Natureshare website

Atlas of Living Australia

The Atlas of Living Australia shares biodiversity knowledge. Add your knowledge to that from Australia’s academic, scientific, and environmental communities. It provides tools for researchers and others to access, combine, and map data on Australian species.

Containing information on all the known species in Australia, it aggregates information from a range of data providers: museums, herbaria, community groups, government departments, individuals, and universities.

View the Atlas of Living Australia website

Further information

Head to the Viridans Biological Databases website