Community emergency groups

CEMP group

Time and time again, it's seen that community is best placed to support community.

Council works closely with community groups that have an interest in being better prepared for emergencies.

By creating these connections now, we are increasing the resilience of our communities so that they can prepare, respond to, and recover more quickly during emergencies.

If you want to get involved you can connect with one of the following local community groups.

Council is looking to support the development of three further groups and Community Emergency Management Plans, being one each for the communities of Myrniong, Gordon-Mt Egerton, and Morrisons-Lal Lal-Elaine, and surrounding areas.

An experienced facilitator has been engaged to lead the planning process and development workshops, with a view to local committees being established in each area.

Council is calling for interested community members in the targeted communities listed to nominate for the planning committees.

For further information and to express interest please email to connect with a member of the Emergencies team.