Graded roads

Moorabool Shire Council’s Unsealed Road Network consists of 653 individual roads with a combined length of 562.3 km. Council’s proactive maintenance grading program consists of four grading teams which operate in four zones across the Shire. Each grading team consists of a grader, tractor/roller combination and water truck, and are supported by trucks which supply gravel as required.

In accordance with Council’s Road Management Plan 2021-25, unsealed roads are assigned two hierarchies: 

  • Unsealed Level 1 (U1) and
  • Unsealed Level 2 (U2), dependent upon typical traffic volumes.

U1 roads are inspected every six months in urban locations, and every three months in rural locations. U2 roads are inspected every six months in urban and rural locations, to ensure any defects are identified and logged for maintenance action.

U1 roads are also given a proactive maintenance grade every six months, and U2 roads are given a proactive maintenance grade every 12 months, however wherever possible, we strive to grade these roads sooner. 

To determine the hierarchy of a road, review Council’s Road Management Plan 2021-2025 and review the Register of Public Roads starting on page 28.

Any defects identified during inspections that meet an intervention level i.e. potholes, corrugations etc. are assigned a target timeframe to rectify. In some cases where warranted, roads are given a reactive maintenance grade in addition to a scheduled proactive maintenance grade, dependent upon condition.

Due to the variable nature of unsealed roads, particularly during wet weather and storm activity, unsealed road conditions can change rapidly, therefore please drive to the conditions and exercise caution.

If you have questions or concerns relating to Council`s unsealed road grading program or network, please lodge a request or contact Customer Service on 5366 7100.

Grading schedule

To check one of Council’s unsealed roads and in what months of the year we aim to complete a maintenance grade, please start typing your address in the below map then select from the options.