Freedom of Information

What is Freedom of Information? How to access public information from Council. Read our Public Transparency Policy.

Freedom of Information 

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Please note that current COVID-19 measures may impact request processing. Applicants will be kept well informed throughout the process.

Accessing public information

Any information which is required to be publicly available you can get from Council. This information should be on our website or you can call us on 03 5366 7100.

To see what information we can make publicly available please take a read of our Public Transparency Policy. The Policy also shows what transparency means to Council and its importance in our decision-making processes.

Should the information not be published or available publicly through Council, you can submit a Freedom of Information request.


What is Freedom of Information (FOI)

You have a legal right of access to documents in Council's possession that were created on or after 1 January 1989. Certain documents that protect the public interest and private and business affairs may not be available.

This is called the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (Act).


Types of information available

You can request access to certain documents, such as:

  • a document containing your personal information
  • a policy document
  • a decision-making document

You may also request we amend or remove any incorrect, incomplete, or misleading information we hold about you.


How you can make an FOI request

Your request will be in writing, so please gather up:

  1. Specific information or documents you are after
  2. Evidence of your identity, such as a copy of your drivers licence
  3. Written authorisation should you be seeking information on behalf of someone else, such as a lawyer acting on behalf of their client

FOI Request Steps

Follow these steps to make your request: 

Step 1.Step 1 

Download and complete Council's Request for Access form(DOCX, 64KB)

Step 2.Step 2

Include required information as above and mail the form to:

Freedom of Information Officer 
Moorabool Shire Council
PO Box 18, Ballan, VIC 3342

Or send via email to


How much does it cost?

There are two costs associated with making an FOI request:

  • an application fee (as of 1 July 2021 this is $30.10)
  • access charges dependent on the request

Further details of fees and charges are included on Council's FOI Request Form.

Further information including how we process your request

In accordance with Part II of the Act, Council has published a statement that tells you what documents you can access and how.

You can view the statement here.(PDF, 514KB)


If you need to find out more information, have a look at the Victorian Information Commissioner’s website.

Or give us a call at Council on 03 5366 7100.