Waste collection for business

Find out how you can dispose of waste from your business. How to opt-in to a collection. How to report a damaged or missed bin

How to dispose of your commercial waste

Commercial garbage collections

Council operates a weekly commercial waste collection service across the municipality. This service is non-compulsory and businesses in the established collection areas can opt in or out of a service at any time.

Please be aware that there are no collections on Christmas Day, New Years Day and Good Friday. Alternative collection dates will be advertised prior to those days.

Commercial recycling collections

Council does not provide a recycling service for commercial premises. Dispose recyclables at any of the transfer stations free of charge.

Commercial greenwaste collections

Council does not provide a greenwaste service for commercial premises. Dispose recyclables at any of the transfer stations at half the cost of the regular gate fee.

Kerbside collections

To ensure that your bin is collected on the scheduled collection day, please note:

  • Bins should be placed near the kerb or roadside, facing the road, and placed no less than 1 metre apart
  • Bins should be placed out for collection prior to 6.00 am on your designated collection day. Late bins will not be collected
  • Do not overfill or compact your bins as they may not be collected (Council’s contractor will not return for bins which are half-emptied)

For a list of what should and shouldn’t be placed in your garbage and recycling bins, please see Council’s Waste Information Booklet.(PDF, 5MB)

Damaged bins

You can ask Council to replace broken lids, wheels and pins free of charge for bins less than 5 years old. Repairs or replacements are Monday to Friday.

Report a damaged bin.

Missed bins

Where bins have been placed out correctly and have been overlooked, Council can arrange for the contractor to return to collect the bin as soon as is practical. 


Waste service cancellation

To cancel your waste service please contact us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What days can I have my waste collected?

Bacchus Marsh collections are undertaken Monday through to Friday. Ballan collections are undertaken each Monday and in rural areas; collections are undertaken on the same day as your garbage collection.

Does Council hire skip bins?

No, Council does not have skip bins. Residents should contact a local service provider to arrange for the hire of a skip.

What if my bin has not been fully emptied?

The full contents of a bin may not be emptied during the collection process if the bin has been overfilled, objects forced inside, or wet contents such as greenwaste have been placed in the bin. OH&S regulations prevent the contractor from manually emptying bins, therefore please ensure that the contents of your bin are appropriate and your bin is not overfilled.