Fees and charges - building

See below for building fees and charges:

Property Information Reg 51(1)


Property Information Reg 51(2)


Request for copies of documents


Request under Section 29A


Report and Consent for Building Over Easement(s)


Application for Siting Concession/Dispensation


Notices and Orders


Lodgement fee


Pool registration fee


Pool/Spa information search fee


Swimming Pool / Spa inspection fee


Certificate of barrier compliance: Form 23


Certificate of barrier non-compliance: Form 24

 Emergency Safety maintenance Inspection fee


 Place Of Public Entertainment (POPE) – Low Impact


 Place Of Public Entertainment (POPE) – High Impact


 Additional hourly rate to review documents (POPE)


 Additional site inspection (POPE)


Inspection Appointments (or Assessed by Building Surveyor)


Inspection Appointments (Or Assessed by Building Surveyor) - Commercial


 Any Inspection/ Inspection Not Otherwise provided for


 Request for Copy of House Plans (Copying Extra)


 Resolution of Illegal works (Domestic)


 Resolution of Illegal works (Commercial)