Wind Farms

Read about the three wind farms in Moorabool: Yaloak South Wind Farm, Lal Lal Wind Farms and Moorabool Wind Farm.

What is a wind farm? 

A wind farm is an area of land which houses wind turbines. These turbines capture the power of the wind to turn this energy into electricity.

Wind farms in Moorabool

There are 3 wind farms in Moorabool:

Yaloak South Wind Farm

Yaloak South Wind Farm is located in the Parwan Valley, 15 km south of Ballan. Construction began in 2016 and was completed in 2018. It comprises 14 turbines, each 126.5m tall.

Got a question? Contact Yaloak South Wind Farm: 1800 318 543 or email 

Lal Lal Wind Farms 

Lal Lal Wind Farms is located at Yendon and Elaine. It homes 60 turbines, 161 m tall.  Construction was completed in 2022 and all turbines are now operational.  

Got a question? Contact Lal Lal Wind Farms: 1800 187 183 or email 

Moorabool Wind Farm

Moorabool Wind Farm is located between Ballan and Mount Wallace. Construction started in July 2018 and finished in late 2020. The project will produce up to 312 MW, roughly 1,050,000 MWh of electricity annually.

It will home 104 turbines, each 169 m tall. Check out the northern section(PDF, 608KB) and southern section(PDF, 684KB) of the farm. 

Got a question? Contact Moorabool Wind Farm: 1800 019 660 or email

map of wind farm locations


Got a question about the operation or construction of wind farms? Always contact the wind farm first before contacting us.  

If you're unhappy with the wind farm's response, you can contact Council: complaint form(PDF, 149KB) and email it to

See Council's Wind Farm Complaints Handling Policy(PDF, 1MB).

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