Local Law permit fees and charges

See below for fees and charges related to Local Laws.

Local Law

Local Law Permit - recreational vehicles  $281.20
Local Law Permit - roadside grazing  $239.00 
Local Law Permit - roadside grazing (drought declared) $21.60
Local Law Permit - heavy vehicle storage on private property  $239.00
Local Law Permit - general  $239.00 


Placement of items on the street 

A-frame - commercial  $239.00 

A-frame - commercial temporary

(Maximum three signs, 10 days-per-year)

 A-frame - community group $22.70

A-frame - community temporary

(Maximum three signs, 10 days-per-year)

No charge 
Additional A-frame - community  $11.80 per sign
A-frame election signage  No charge
Outdoor dining application fee  $239.00
Outdoor dining - cost per square metre (if over 3m2  $84.50
Use of footpath - storage of items (cost per square metre) $84.50

Use of footpath - community, religious, political

(For event, stall or fundraiser)

No charge 


For further information relating to these fees please contact us to speak with a member of the Community Safety team