Tourism road signage

If you operate a business which primarily attracts and caters for visitors, you may be eligible for road signage.

If you would like a road sign for your tourism business, you will need to consider the following points:

  • Motorists can only absorb a limited amount of information when travelling at speed
  • Tourism road signs are not advertising signs nor are they for advertising purposes
  • To qualify for road signs, businesses must first meet a set of quality standards
  • Eligibility does not automatically guarantee entitlement to tourism road signs as other factors will be considered
  • There are different rules for tourist attractions and services located in built-up areas, and for signing from urban and rural freeways
  • Businesses will need to factor into their planning that the overall process from application to manufacture and installation may take up to 3-4 months (or longer) from start to finish
  • If successful, businesses will be required to meet the costs associated with the provision of the sign(s), including maintenance.

There are two types of road signs available for tourism businesses:

  1. white text on brown background for tourism attraction, and
  2. white text on a blue background for tourism services

VicRoads guidelines on tourism signage should be reviewed prior to submitting a request to Council. These guidelines can be viewed on the VicRoads website by clicking here

Step by step guide for applying for a tourism sign


To be eligible an applicant needs to demonstrate that the business is:

  • A registered business
  • A business that requires signage for promotion

Location of signage

Council's Works department will review the site, ensuring adequate clear zones on roadsides. However, the distance may change if there is any infrastructure on the roadside such as drains, power, telephone poles etc.

Maintenance requirements

If the sign incurs damage or needs replacing, this is at the expense of the applicant. 

How to apply


Step 1.Complete an application form

Download an application form from this page and complete all sections. You must supply all supporting documents required

Step 2.Submit your application

Submit your application via email to

What happens next?

Your application will be reviewed by Council’s Works Department. We will consider your application and may be in contact if we need further information.

If approved, the applicant is to obtain a Works within Municipal Road Reserve Permit and pay the associated fees to undertake the signage installation work.

The applicant will be advised if they need to apply to VicRoads for additional approval.

Upon final approval from both VicRoads (if applicable) and Council, the applicant is to organise for signage to be produced and installed, bearing all costs associated.

Upon completion of installation, Council’s Works Department will conduct a compliance check.