Avenues of Honour


There are several Avenues of Honour in the shire, which recognise the lives, the service, the sacrifice and the suffering of those who have served.

Bacchus Marsh is home to one of the world’s most beautifully cultivated Avenues of Honour.

First planted in 1918 with 281 Canadian Elm Trees, the Avenue is a living memorial created to commemorate those who served in World War One. Being one of the last remaining Avenues in the world lined with Canadian Elms, Bacchus Marsh’s Avenue of Honour is a stunning sight that cannot be replicated. As the sun moves through the sky during the day and the seasons change throughout the year, the canopy of elm trees that line the Avenue change colour and give way to golden shafts of sunlight.

In 2024, work will begin to replace several ageing or poor condition trees in the Avenue of Honour, as part of the adopted Bacchus Marsh Avenue of Honour Management Strategy and Preservation Plan. For more information click here.

Other avenues in the shire are: