Fees and charges - planning

Fees charged are either statutory fees or Council fees which are set by each Council.

Statutory fees

Statutory planning fees are set by the State Government and are required for new planning permit applications, amendments to existing permits, and certification of subdivision.

To learn about the fees charged by state and local authorities for planning and subdivision services, you can visit the Department of Transport and Planning website.

You can also download a summary of the current Statutory Fees here(PDF, 168KB).


Council planning fees

Council fees are required for other applications including advertising during an application, secondary consent, and extensions of time to permits. See below for the 2024-25 financial year fees.

 Permit Extension (1st )


Permit Extension (2nd )


Permit Extension (3rd ) and subsequent


Processing 173 Agreements for sealing
Section 52 Public Notice - application for permits - Notice by Normal Mail  $13.90
Section 52 Public Notice - application for permits - Notice in Newspaper  $326.00
Section 52 Public Notice - application for permits - Notice for Site  $45.70
 Public Notice erected and maintained on site for 14 days  $309.00
Additional signs


 Advertising sign A3 (laminated)  $45.70
 Advertising sign A2 (laminated)  $93.40
 Advertising sign A1 (laminated)  $139.00
 Information on Planning Controls  $112.00
Secondary Consent (Single dwelling only) $413.00
Secondary Consent (All other developments) $586.00
Secondary Consent (Triggered by enforcement) $1,172.00
Condition 1 Plans (1st request)  Nil
Condition 1 Plans (second or subsequent requests)  $116.00
Application for Approval of Detailed Plans in accordance with restrictive covenant for Hopetoun Park  $190.00
Copy of permit $98.70
Retrieval of Planning Files $94.50

Copy of Endorsed Plans - Administration cost 

(Customer will be charged the administration fee, and then a cost per-page)

Copy of Endorsed Plans - A4 $2.20
Copy of Endorsed Plans - A3 $3.20
Copy of Endorsed Plans - A2 $23.70
Copy of Endorsed Plans - A1 $36.10
Copy of Endorsed Plans - A0 $44.60
 Processing of new versions of Subdivision Plans $156.00


For further information about Council's planning fees please contact us to speak with a member of the Planning team.