Dumped rubbish and litter

Report illegal littering and dumping.
It costs rate-payers roughly $80,000 to clean up illegally dumped litter every year.

Report littering and dumped rubbish

Littering and rubbish dumping can range in scale from a single bag of household rubbish to large household items.

These could be things like TVs, appliances and electronic waste, furniture, or mattresses. Or stuff from outside the home like industrial wastes, construction materials, garden waste, tyres, old cars and soil.

Dumping litter is an offence under the Environment Protection Act 1970 and Council’s Community Safety Officers investigate reports received.

Please let us know if you see someone littering or dumping rubbish on:

  • nature strips
  • parks and reserves
  • local roads

If you witness someone dumping rubbish report it online.
Never put yourself in any danger.
Do not approach the person or touch the litter. 

Information that can assist us includes:

  • The offender’s vehicle registration number
  • A photograph, if safe to do so
  • A description of what was specifically dumped
  • A description of the person seen dumping the rubbish
  • The location
  • The date and time


Under the Environment Protection Act 1970, the minimum penalty for littering is $303. The penalty given depends on the size and type of the dumped litter.

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