Autumn plant giveaway

Autumn plant giveaway (5).png

This Autumn, Moorabool Shire Council is trialing a new initiative to get more native indigenous plants out to the community to increase garden biodiversity.

We will be running five events over the season of Autumn in areas that cover all pockets of Moorabool Shire. At each event, residents must show a form of ID to prove they reside in Moorabool Shire, where they can then collect a maximum of 10 tube stock per household.

Planting natives can attract more wildlife to your garden, plus they are also low maintenance as they have been grown to be well-suited to the climate and soil conditions found in the area. 

Please see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below for more information


How many plants will be available at the giveaways?

After the success of our pilot event in Greendale on March 3rd 2024, we have bolstered the number of plants to give away. At the next four events, 1000 tube stock have been allocated for each event to give more members of the community a chance at getting some plants for their gardens. However, this is all whilst stocks last.

What can I do to increase my chances of getting plants?

Due to the limited stock, please arrive early to increase your chances of getting some free plants. The events will run from 10am-12pm or until stocks last.

When and where will the next four events be held?

  • Sunday, March 17th 2024 – Come see our Environment & Waste team at their stall at the Ballan Autumn Festival. The giveaway will begin at 10am until stocks last.
  • Sunday, March 24th, 2024 – Lal Lal Soldiers Memorial Hall, Lal Lal. The giveaway will run from 10am-12pm until stocks last.
  • Saturday, April 13th, 2024 – Gordon Public Hall, Gordon. Come see us at the Public Hall, just opposite the post office on Main Street. The giveaway will run from 10am-12pm, until stocks last. 
  • Sunday, May 5th, 2024 – The Village Green, Bacchus Marsh. The giveaway will run from 10am-12pm until stocks last.

How many plants can I get?

A maximum of 10 tube stock per household is allowed.

What are tube stock?

We will be giving away tube stock grown from seed at a local nursery. Tube stock is the term used for plants that are grown in 5cm x 5cm sized pots and the plants are initially 5cm to 15cm in height. Although small, growing plants in tube stock enables the roots to grow to a healthy size before being planted in soil. This then gives the plants the best opportunity to grow to their maximum heights.

How big will the plants grow?

We will be giving away a variety of plants, from grasses and daisies, small shrubs, medium sized trees, and large trees.

  • Grasses/Daisies – grow to approximately 50cm-1m high
  • Small Shrubs – approximately 1-2m high
  • Medium sized trees – approximately 5-8m high
  • Large trees – 15m+ high

What type of plants are being given away?

We’ll be giving away native Australian plants whose seeds have been collected from nature reserves throughout Moorabool. These plants are endemic to the area and will perfectly suit your garden. You can expect to find native grasses, daisies, shrubs (e.g. goodenia, kangaroo apple) and trees (e.g., tea trees, eucalypts and acacias).

What sort of wildlife will I be able to attract to my garden?

Once your plants have matured, you can expect to see a variety of native insects, birds, reptiles and maybe even some small mammals in your garden. From Crimson Red Rosellas, to bees collecting nectar, and to possums high up in the canopy, and much, much more - wildlife will come to love the native plants you plant in your garden.

Do I need to show proof that I live within Moorabool Shire?

Yes. Please bring along your drivers license or any other form of ID that shows you reside in Moorabool Shire.

Do I need to bring anything else with me on the day?

You sure do! Please bring along a small box or bag to carry your new plants.