Urban Design Guidelines

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Moorabool Urban Design Guidelines

The Urban Design Guidelines apply to all residential land in the Shire and take into consideration the public realm, built form, subdivision design, natural environment and landscape, front fencing and sustainability. The Guidelines provide guidance on both infill and greenfield development and ensure that improved urban design outcomes can be achieved. 

Council has implemented the Urban Design Guidelines for a 12-month trial period. 

The Guidelines should be used as a guidance tool to assist with the preparation of planning permit applications to assist in achieving improved urban design outcomes. Applicants are strongly encouraged to consider the Guidelines when considering any proposed development. Please see the Guidelines through the link below.

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Application Checklists 

All applicants across the Shire are encouraged to fill in the checklists listed below and include it with their planning permit application. Please identify if your proposed development is infill or greenfield and fill in the appropriate checklist. 

  • Infill development

Infill development applies to a land within existing urban areas that are either undeveloped or are going to be redeveloped. Typically, redevelopment would seek to increase the density of housing on the site.


  • Greenfield development

Greenfield development applies to a land that is undeveloped in a growth area setting that is largely vacant and zoned for residential development. These sites typically provide for 60 or more lots.


Bacchus Marsh and Ballan

For developments in Bacchus Marsh applicants should also refer to the Neighbourhood Character Brochures in Annexure 4 of the Bacchus Marsh Housing Strategy. For developments in Ballan applicants should also refer to the Precinct Design Objectives in the Ballan Strategic Directions. Both the neighbourhood character brochures and the precinct design objectives provide guidance on the specific character and design outcomes sought for each the various neighbourhoods/precincts. 

  • Bacchus Marsh 

View Bacchus Marsh precincts in a popup window

Find what precinct your development is located within in the Bacchus Marsh Neighbourhood Character Precincts Map above and read about your precinct in the Bacchus Marsh Neighbourhood Character Brochures below.

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  • Ballan 

View Ballan precincts in a popup window

Find what precinct your development is located within in the Ballan Precinct Map above and read about your precinct in the Ballan Strategic Directions (pages 52-69 for precinct information) below.

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