Lost and Found Pets

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Cat Sitting Inside   Golden Retriever

PLEASE NOTE: Due to unforeseen circumstances, the animal pound morning weekday hours will be temporarily adjusted to 8:30-10am. Barring any animal emergencies, the weekday afternoon hours will remain the same. This is temporary only!

Seen or Found a Lost Animal?

If you have seen or found a lost animal please lodge a lost report with council.

Report a Lost Animal

Where is Council's Domestic Animal pound located?

Council’s Domestic Animal Pound is located at 50 Osborne Street, Maddingley.

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday: 8.30am-10am & 4pm-4.30pm

Saturday and Sunday: 8am-10am & 3pm-4pm

(Animal drop off and viewing only on weekends)

Animal pound and adoptions

Dogs and cats found at large, are held at the Council Pound for 8 days.

Any pet not claimed after this period, will be assessed for suitability for adoption.

All cats and dogs adopted from the Animal Pound are vet checked, vaccinated, microchipped and desexed.

To view current pets impounded, please go to the Pet Adoption Facebook page.

Visit Our Pet Adoption Facebook Page

Impound fees

If your pet is impounded, the following fees apply prior to release. You may also be liable for infringements for your pet being at large and if it isn't registered with Council.

No payments facilities are available at the pound. Payments are to be made at a Customer Service centre, prior to attending the pound.

  • Impound Fee: $93.00 per animal
  • Maintenance Fee: $29.50 per day, per animal
  • Registration Fee Dog (if pet unregistered and desexed): $55.00
  • Registration Fee Cat (if pet unregistered and desexed): $50.00
  • Registration Fee Dog and Cat (if pet unregistered and not desexed): $170.00
  • Microchip: $29.50

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost to have my pet released from the pound?

    If you pet is impounded, fees apply prior to release. 

    You may also be liable for infringements, for your pet being at large and if it isn’t registered with Council.

  • Why do you hold animals for 8 days at the pound?

    All pounds and shelters in Victoria must comply with the State Government code of practice. The code outlines how these facilities are to operate, including the mandatory holding time for stray animals.

    For more information http://agriculture.vic.gov.au/pets/domestic-animal-businesses/shelters-and-pounds

  • How do I report my pet if it is lost?

    Contact Customer Service so they can lodge a lost pet report. 

    The Customer Service will ask you to provide as much information as possible, such as a descripition, when last seen and if registered and microchipped. 

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