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Planning Application Register

Council uses an online system called Greenlight to enable applicants and the wider community to monitor the status of planning applications. This includes viewing proposed plans and reports and obtaining copies of previously approved permits and endorsed plans.


Contact us if you need further information about the Greenlight search function or if you cannot find a particular permit.

Lodging a submission or objection

Submissions or objections may be lodged via Greenlight during the prescribed advertising/notice period identified on Council correspondance and/or the application's public notice sign dispalyed on the site. Please search for the relevant planning permit application following the above instructions and follow the submission/objection prompts.


Alternatively, you may lodge a submission or objection at any time before a decision is made by email or post to PO Box 18, Ballan Victoria 3342 using the form here if so required.

Objections to planning permit applications, pursuant to Section 57(2) of the Planning and Environment Act 1987.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I object to a planning permit application?

    Objections to planning applications can be lodged on line via Council’s Planning Permit Register (following the prompts for an application on ‘advertising’), by email or post attention Statutory Planning, reference no. (the PA no. or address) PO Box 18 Ballan VIC 3342.

  • How do I view an application or documents for permits lodged prior to 2008?

    At the Greenlight ‘search application’ page enter the application no. by year, then hyphen (i.e. -), then three digit number. i.e. ‘2007-###’ and hit the ‘search’ button. Only enter an address if you don’t have the PA number. Click on the PA number to view all public documents associated with the application.

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