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Council's Building Unit, in a statutory role, offers comprehensive information on all constructions under the Building Act 1993 & Building Regulations 2018 and has requirements under the Building Act 1993 & Building Regulations 2018 to supply such information as:

  • Property Information for new constructions
  • Property Information for existing buildings constructed in the previous 10 years
  • Report and Consent (Dispensations)


New Building Regulations in relation to Swimming Pools and Spas

On 1 December 2019, the State Government introduced laws to improve swimming pool and spa safety.

These laws introduce new registration, inspection and compliance requirements for property owners.

Owners of existing swimming pools and spas in Moorabool Shire are now required to register their pool and spa with Council by 1 June 2020 and have their safety barrier inspected once every four years.

Council will be tasked to ensure all affected property owners comply with the new regulations and penalties will apply for non-compliance.

Swimming Pool and Spa Registration

To ensure you have a safe and compliant pool or spa barrier, there are four easy steps you'll need to undertake:

Step 1:  Register your pool or spa with Moorabool Shire Council  Register your pool/spa.

Step 2:  After you have received a confirmation letter from Council that your pool is registered and the applicable standard that your barrier must comply to, get your pool or spa barrier checked by a registered building surveyor or inspector.

Step 3:  Undertake required works to make the pool or spa barrier compliant (as directed by the inspector or surveyor).

Step 4:  Have your pool or spa barrier certified and submit the Certificate of Compliance to Council.


Click on the link below to register your pool or spa.

After you’ve registered your pool or spa you will receive a letter from the Shire confirming the next step including details of when your pool or spa was constructed, the applicable standard and the due date for the lodgement of the compliance certificate.

Owners will then be required to engage a registered building surveyor or registered building inspector to inspect and certify the compliance of their safety barrier every four years.

If you would like to get more information, you can go to the Victorian Building Authority's website

To ensure that your pool or spa is safe there are self-assessment checklists available on the Victorian Building Authority website to assist you in carrying out safety barrier maintenance checks.

If you are considering installing a pool or spa or undertaking any renovation works to your house or pool area you may wish to read the Victorian Building Authority Swimming Pool and Spa Barriers FAQs  to know what your responsibilities and requirements are for obtaining building permits.

Please contact Council on 03 5366 7100 or for any further information.  

Register your pool/spa 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When is a building permit required?

    A building permit is required for most building works unless exempted under Schedule 3 of the Building Regulations 2018.

    The Victorian Building Authority pdf document When-is-a-Building-Permit-Required.pdf provides specific advice on when a building permit is required for certain works.

    If you are still unsure please contact Council on 5366 7100 or for further clarification.

  • What is the difference between a building permit and a planning permit?

    A planning permit does not remove the need to obtain a building permit. Building permits relate specifically to the carrying out of building construction, where as planning permits are legal documents giving permission for a land use or development. Go to Council’s page to make a planning permit application.

  • How do I obtain a building permit?

    A building permit can be obtained by contacting a private building surveyor of your choice.  The surveyor should be engaged early in the process and will advise on what documentation you need to obtain the building permit. Building permit fees can vary depending on which building surveyor you choose.

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