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Are you interested in nominating as a candidate in this year’s Council Elections? 

Council is hosting two Mandatory Training & Information Workshops for candidates. The workshops cover the key considerations for candidates which include developing a policy platform, connecting with community and campaigning techniques. Additionally, an overview of the business of local government, the roles of Councils and Councillors, and the electoral system will be provided. The workshops will be held in the Council Chambers and will have a duration of approximately three hours.

Register for the workshops here:

6pm, 13 August 2020:

6pm, 3 September 2020:


Council is responsible for making important decisions in the best interests of the local community. It is the right and the responsibility of everyone on the electoral roll to vote; elections are your opportunity to have a say about how you would like to be represented in local government, by choosing the candidate who best represents your views.

Election Period Policy

Moorabool Shire Council has adopted an Election Period Policy which sets out the restrictions, requirements and expectations that apply during the period leading up to an election.

Request a hard copy of the policy by contacting us.

Voting Information

Council elections will elect seven Councillors from four wards; four Councillors from the East Moorabool Ward, one from Central Moorabool Ward, one from Woodlands Ward and one from West Moorabool Ward.

Entitlement to Vote

There are five categories of people who are entitled to vote in Council elections:

Resident voters

Everyone who has enrolled to vote in State and Federal elections is automatically enrolled to vote in the Council elections where they live.  This includes Australian citizens aged 18 and over who have lived at their current address for at least one month. Voting is compulsory for this category of voter.

Non-resident owners

Owners of property who are listed on Council’s rate records as not living at their property will automatically be included on the voters’ roll; however only two owners can be enrolled per property. People in this category are encouraged to vote, but won’t be fined if they do not vote.

Non-citizen resident ratepayers

People who are not Australian citizens, but own and reside in a property in Moorabool Shire, and are aged 18 or over, can apply to be enrolled on the voters’ roll. Up to two owners per property may apply. People in this category can apply to Council to be included on the roll and are encouraged to vote, but it is not compulsory.

Occupier ratepayers

Up to two occupiers of a property may apply to be enrolled in place of the owners if they pay the rates and have written agreement from the owners, or if the Council rates notice is addressed to them. Occupiers of shops and commercial industrial properties are encouraged to be enrolled and vote (provided the above applies) but it is not compulsory.

Company Directors/Secretaries

A corporation which owns or occupies a property in the municipality and which pays rates, may appoint a director or company secretary to represent it on the voters’ roll. The person it appoints cannot be otherwise eligible to vote in the municipality.

A person can only have one vote in the Moorabool Council elections, irrespective of how many properties they own or occupy within the municipality.

The 2020 elections for all Victorian councils will be conducted by the Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC). Further information about elections is available on the VEC’s website.

2016 Council Election - Campaign Donation Return

Download a copy of the 2016 Campaign Donation Return Summary (DOCX, 17.76 KB)

2019 Woodlands Ward By-Election - Campaign Donation Return

Download a copy of the 2019 By-Election Campaign Donation Return Summary

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Am I Enrolled to Vote?

    If you’re 18 or over on election day and live, or are a ratepayer in the Moorabool municipality, you are eligible to vote. In order to vote at the elections you must be correctly enrolled on the Council voters’ roll by 4pm Entitlement Day. 

    You will be automatically enrolled to vote in the Moorabool Shire Council elections if:

    • You are on the State electoral roll for your current address; or  
    • You own property in the municipality (but live in a different municipality) and you are the first or second-named person on Council’s rates records.

    You can also apply to Council to be enrolled for this election if you are not otherwise enrolled and you are an eligible voter in one of the categories listed above.  Please contact Council’s Revenue team on 5366 7100 if you wish to apply to be enrolled for the 2020 Moorabool Shire Council elections.

  • Do I have to vote?

    Yes. If you are enrolled to vote, then you must vote, unless:

    • You are aged 70 or over; or  
    • You live outside the municipality; or
    • You applied to Council to be on the roll.

    In these cases, you are encouraged to vote in the Moorabool Shire Council elections but won’t be fined if you don’t.

  • Thinking of Standing for Council?

    Being a Councillor expands your ability to influence issues that you care about, and to make a difference in your community. If you are thinking about nominating as a candidate, you must be enrolled to vote in Moorabool Shire Council elections. There are some other requirements and disqualifications to consider – these are explained in more detail on the VEC website.

    Further information about nominating as a candidate is available via

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