Which bin does it go in?

What to put in your bins

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Recycling - yellow lid

Recyclables collected from households and transfer stations are taken to Visy in Laverton for sorting. 
Your recycling bin is for food and drink containers and some household packaging:

  • Glass bottles and jars
  • Hard plastic bottles and containers numbered 1, 2 and 5 
  • Steel and aluminium cans (including empty aerosol cans)
  • Clean aluminium foil bunched to the size of a tennis ball
  • Paper and cardboard. No waxed paper/cardboard

Remember: If in doubt - leave it out!

What happens to your recycling once collected? Check out Sustainability Victoria's overview of the recycling process.

Recycling contamination

Incorrect items placed in the recycling bin is known as 'contamination'. Contamination is costly – Council pays a fee to dispose of contaminated recycling to landfill.

Keep these materials out of your yellow lidded recycle bin:

Plastic bags:
Recyclables must be loose in the recycling bin –  never in plastic bags. Bagged recyclable material ends up in landfill.

Nappies, food and green waste: 
These items don’t belong in the recycling bin - they contaminate clean recyclables and can mean entire loads of recyclables are sent to landfill.

Soft plastics wrapping and packets: 
These get tangled in the machinery at the sorting facility.  They also mix with paper and cardboard meaning less chance of materials being onsold for reprocessing.  

Electronic items such as TV’s and computers: 
Take electronic items to your nearest transfer station for recycling. 

Batteries and light globes: 
Take household batteries and globes to your nearest transfer station. Never put batteries of any kind into any of your household bin - they can cause fires in the collection trucks which is extremely dangerous.

Containers with food or liquid:
Make sure no food or liquids are in bottles or containers. When the truck collects recycling, it compacts all the materials. Any food or liquids will seep into paper and cardboard and contaminate it.

Remove lids from plastic bottles and place into your red lidded garbage bin. Steel lids from glass jars can be recycled if collected in a steel can (e.g. baked beans can) and the can squashed closed and put in the recycling bin.

Greenwaste - lime green lid

Households in Bacchus Marsh, Darley, Maddingley, Hopetoun Park, and Ballan (township) may apply for Moorabool's fortnightly greenwaste service.

Please order a 240 litre bin with a lime green lid from Council. If you wish to opt-out, notify us in writing. 
Greenwaste is processed at Pinegro right here in the Shire. It is turned into a compost available at hardware stores.


Garbage - red lid

Everything placed in your red lid garbage bin is sent to landfill where it stays forever. 

Your garbage bin is best used as a ‘last resort’ for items that cannot be reused or recycled.

What goes in your red lid bin:

  • Plastic bags, plastic packets and other soft plastic wrap
  • Nappies
  • Waxed cardboard including milk cartons
  • Food waste (if you don't compost) 
  • Polystyrene
  • Broken glassware and ceramics
  • Old clothing and shoes not worthy of donation
  • Takeaway coffee cups
  • Other non-recyclable, non-hazardous materials

Not in any bin

Batteries, lithium-ion batteries in particular, can cause explosive fires within waste collection trucks. 
Free battery recycling is available at our Transfer Stations, Darley and Ballan Council offices and the Lerderderg library.

Electronics / e-waste
Since 2019 it has been illegal to put e-waste in any bin or landfill.
E-waste includes any item with a power cord or battery. 
Free e-waste recycling is available at our Transfer Stations.

Gas bottles
Gas bottles and cannisters can cause explosions in waste collection trucks.
They must be disposed of of through a specialised recycling service, like Swap N Go for BBQ gas bottles.
Melton Transfer Station accepts gas bottles at a cost.

Safely dispose of household chemicals at no cost through Sustainability Victoria's Detox your Home program.

Take paint to Ballarat or Melton Transfer Stations.

Building material
Hire a waste removal company to provide a skip and removal service.
Depending on the material - try posting on local Buy Swap Sell pages for others to reuse in their home projects.
Note that building material is not accepted at our Transfer Stations.

Hire a waste removal company to provide a skip and removal service.
Note that soil is not accepted at our Transfer Stations.


A-Z waste and recycling index

Check out our extensive guide to help you make the best decision when clearing out common household items.

Waste service charges

To see the waste service charges please visit this page.

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