Transfer Stations

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Signage at waste disposal bays

Transfer Stations

Bacchus Marsh

Address: Osborne Street, Bacchus Marsh

Hours: 10.00am – 4.00pm Friday to Monday

Closed: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday


Address: Monteville Lane, Ballan

Hours: 1.00pm – 5.00pm Wednesday to Monday Closed: Tuesday

Mount Egerton

Address: Ballan-Egerton Road, Mount Egerton

Hours: 12 noon – 5.00pm Saturday and Sunday

Closed: Monday to Friday

Please note that transfer stations are closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year's Day and Good Friday. Transfer stations operate during normal opening hours on Total Fire Ban Days unless otherwise advised.

Transfer Station Services

Council’s transfer stations can accept:

    • Recyclables; segregated from other materials & clean enough for reprocessing
    • TVs and computers (more types of e-waste may be accepted for specialist reprocessing from mid-2019 when the e-waste landfill ban begins)
    • Washing machines and fridges, scrap metal
    • Fluorescent light tubes and CFL globes
    • Household and car batteries and motor oil (Got cooking oil? Check the Yellow Pages for local disposal specialists)
    • Clean garden waste ("greenwaste"). Contaminated materials accepted at full cost.
  • CHARGED AT COST - please refer to gate fee table below
    • Domestic waste
    • Hardwaste e.g. furniture, mattresses
    • Tyres and car bodies
    • Trucks with loads up to 5m3.
  • OTHER -
    • E-waste other than TVs and computers; fees may apply
    • No building rubble accepted

Fees & Charges for 2018-19 financial year

Bacchus Marsh, Ballan & Mount Egerton Transfer Stations

Type of vehicle


(photo ID required)

Non- Residents

Car or station wagon

$30.00 $40.00

Small trailer (up to 1.8 x 1.2 x 0.3m) or ute

$44.00 $78.00

Small trailer (heaped)

$60.00 $133.00

Small trailer (high sides)

$78.00 $171.00

Large trailer

$60.00 $133.00

Large trailer (heaped)

$96.00 $210.00

Large trailer (high sides)

$110.00 $245.00

Truck per m3 of waste

$65.00 $130.00

Mattress (per piece, any size)

$36.00 $36.00


Tyre type Fee



Car (tyres on rims)




Light Truck and 4WD


Light truck and 4WD (tyres on rim)


Heavy Truck


Heavy Truck Super Single


Heavy Truck (tyres on rims)


Small Tractor


Large Tractor





Waste Vouchers

Residents who are not in an area serviced by Council’s waste collections are able to purchase one sheet of 26 vouchers per year for $82.00 including GST. The vouchers are available for purchase at Council’s service centres.

One voucher entitles the bearer to one third of a cubic metre (equal to a 240 litre wheelie bin of waste) or four vouchers for a small level trailer load (6mx4m). Additional vouchers may be required for a heaped small trailer.

Remember! Kerbside recyclables separated from other materials can be disposed of free of charge. Save your vouchers to use for disposal of household landfill waste.


Do the right thing for the safety of your family, pets and livestock and for the environment.

Household Chemicals (Detox Your Home)

Detox Your Home (DYH) is a service for the disposal of many household chemicals including solvents, poisons, glues, coolant, cooking oil, fuels, pesticides and fertilisers.

DYH single-day collection events rotate throughout the state during the year. All are free and open to householders from anywhere in Victoria. For information on dates, locations and items accepted, visit Sustainability Victoria.

PAINT should be taken to Ballarat or Melton transfer stations (empty paint tins can go into your recycling bin).


Unwanted, empty farm chemical containers and drums can be dropped off for free at Council’s transfer stations in Bacchus Marsh, Ballan and Mt Egerton, for safe disposal via the drumMUSTER program. Please check the transfer station operating hours on this page.

Containers and drums must:

  • Be triple-rinsed and free of chemical residue
  • Be clean and dry
  • Be punctured if metal, and
  • Have all lids removed.

Containers and drums may be inspected at point of drop off by the transfer station operator, to ensure they meet the above requirements. More information about the program is also available on the drumMUSTER website.

Farm Chemicals

Unwanted agricultural or non-household chemicals need to be disposed of through the ChemClear program. You can register your chemicals on the ChemClear website, to be included in the next scheduled collection. Costs may apply depending on the type of chemical. Visit the ChemClear website for further details or to register your chemicals.


Further resources

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if I misplace my waste vouchers?

    Unfortunately Council is unable to re-issue misplaced vouchers. It is the responsibility of the resident to keep vouchers in a safe place.

  • Can I purchase additional waste vouchers?

    Only one sheet (26 vouchers) can be purchased by residents in a non-serviced area per year.

  • Can I use my waste vouchers after the expiry date?

    The expiry date printed on the transfer station vouchers allows for some overlap into the following financial year, however vouchers will not be accepted after the expiry date. There is also no refund on unused vouchers. Please plan ahead to ensure you are able to utilise your current vouchers.

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