New Feathers by Tupe Papali'i


This exhibition can be viewed at the Moor Art Space, Lerderderg Library, 215 Main Street, Bacchus Marsh, during the month of October.

All the feathers

All the Feathers

Acrylic on Canvas


triple threat

Dynamic Duo      Those Galahs    Rosella and Raven

Acrylic on Ply

$450 each

isas bloom

Solo Galah

Acrylic on Ply


Isas Bloom

Isa's Bloom

Acrylic on Canvas


Artist Statement:

New Feathers is about our (my family’s) transition from Porirua, Aotearoa, New Zealand to Victoria, Australia. 

All of the fear and apprehension that comes with making a move to a new country. Moving out of our comfort zones and embracing adventure without regret.

The Tui bird represents NZ, a beautiful bird so familiar to New Zealanders with its iridescent feathers and iconic white feather puff at the throat.

The Galahs represent the new beautiful wildlife. The way they are usually found in pairs  made me reflect on partnership and supporting each other.

The Australian Raven with its distinctive call representing new sounds and not being able to control things.

Also throughout all works the circles represent the ups and downs of life, the highs and lows.

Pasifika patterns are a nod to our rich Samoan community left behind in Porirua but being ever present and being rebuilt in Melbourne.

Symbols of 3 represent my three children who are currently attending local primary school and kindergarten.

Gold represents focus, value, the precious.

“Let me be as a feather strong, with purpose, yet light at heart, able to bend, and, tho I might become frayed, able to pull myself together again.” Anita Sans

About the Artist:

My mother is Samoan and my father is Palagi from Christchurch NZ.

I have 3 children- Luisa girl 7, Apelu boy 5 and Mika boy 4. My husbands name is Mose Papalii and we have recently moved from NZ to Bacchus Marsh in May, mainly to try and get a better work life balance.

I have been teaching fulltime at Mana College for the last 12 years and also took on a dean roll. Over my time at Mana I have facilitated community art projects and also encouraged students to approach local businesses and create work for them.

I have been painting commissioned work since the age of 23.