Historic cemeteries

Blackwood Cemetery

Moorabool has a rich indigenous history with the land traditionally occupied by and connected to a number of Aboriginal communities.

Europeans settled in the region between 1830 and 1850, bringing with them European customs including cemeterial burials. Cemeteries across Moorabool vary in terms of age, number of remaining headstones, memorials on site and general landscape and amenities.

The Blackwood Cemetery is known for its Chinese section and the Hopetoun Cemetery is recognised as the first Catholic cemetery in regional Victoria.

  • Maddingley General Cemetery
  • Hopetoun Cemetery
  • Ballan New and Old Public Cemetery
  • Mount Egerton Cemetery
  • Gordon Cemetery
  • Greendale Cemetery
  • Gordon’s Burial Ground (Kerrit Bareet Cemetery)
  • Morrison’s Cemetery
  • Blackwood Cemetery
  • Clarendon Cemetery
  • Bungaree Cemetery (Pootilla)