Greater setbacks needed for impacted properties

Published on 01 September 2023


Council is aware of properties impacted by Western Renewables Link (WRL) where the setback from existing dwellings is within as little as 100 metres, which is not in line with best practice industry standards.

“This setback is far too close to dwellings,” Moorabool Shire Mayor Cr Rod Ward said.

“The Australian Energy infrastructure Commissioner recommends that a transmission line which is 500kV or greater should have a setback distance of at least 300 metres from residences. This is measured from the edge of the overhead transmission line easement to the residence, rather than from the transmission line itself.

“We are again asking decision-makers to listen to the concerns of impacted residents and align setback distances with the Commissioner’s recommendations,” Cr Ward said.

Council recently completed a review of its High-Voltage Transmission Line Setback Policy, which was adopted unanimously in December 2021 and updated in September 2022. The review found that the policy remains current with the Australian Energy Infrastructure Commissioner’s (the Commissioner’s) most recent annual report from June 2023.

Council continues to align with the Commissioner’s recommendations, which identify and promote best practice industry standards, when it comes to prospective renewable energy infrastructure projects affecting the community.

“We have invested in several technical reviews of AusNet’s underground construction reports to ensure underground options are being meaningfully considered, which would reduce the significant social and environmental impacts of the project,” Cr Ward said.

“We are yet to hear from AusNet in response to the most recent detailed feedback provided by Council’s underground experts in March 2023.”

To view Council’s High-Voltage Transmission Line Setback Policy (v2) visit:

To access the Australian Energy Infrastructure Commissioner’s annual report visit:


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