Remove, destroy, or lop a tree or other vegetation on your property

Our native flora play a critical role in sustaining our local ecosystems - it is important to avoid impact on vegetation in the first place, where possible

Native trees and vegetation have particular protections which are facilitated by your local council. If you plan to remove, destroy or lop native vegetation you will likely need to apply for a planning permit and offset the impact. The State Government (DEECA) has prepared guides to help identify what details you are required to provide in your application to council - Native vegetation removal regulations (

Other vegetation may also have particular protections outlined in the Moorabool Planning Scheme. Trees and vegetation may have local heritage, amenity or visual significance, or contribute to the health of our waterways and catchments. Your local council will be able to help you understand if the vegetation you plan to impact is protected for any of these reasons.   

Most trees and vegetation require a Planning Permit to be destroyed, removed or lopped.

Please contact us for assistance and for information on the Planning Permit process.