Recreation strategies and policies

The objective of Council in relation to the provision of recreation and leisure facilities and services, is to improve the health and well being of residents through increased participation in physical activity. To enable Council to effectively plan, develop, fund, manage and provide recreation and leisure opportunities, a range of policies and strategies are required to underpin Council’s decision making processes.

The key strategic documents recently developed include:

  • Recreation and Leisure Strategy 2015-2021
  • Moorabool Hike and Bike Strategy
  • Moorabool Shire Sports Demand Study 2012

Recreation and Leisure Strategy 2015-2021 Volumes

A major recommendation of the Recreation and Leisure Strategy was the development of a new Recreation Reserve Management Framework(DOCX, 125KB). This has now been developed and adopted by Council.

Reserve Master Plans are also developed as a tool to guide the decision making for the development of specific reserves within the framework of the Recreation and Leisure Strategy.

For a complete list or copy of reserve master plans please contact the Recreation Development Unit on  03 5366 7100.

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