Lal Lal

Lal Lal Falls

Lal Lal is home to the spectacular Lal Lal Falls - a name meaning ‘dashing of waters' by the original Wuthaurung Traditional Owners. The waterfall, particularly impressive after recent rainfall, is a great place to spend the day and visitors may wish to follow the trail through to the Moorabool Falls viewing platform. The park also boasts BBQ facilities, picnic tables, a playground and a number of walking trails.

Established in 1845 as part of a sheep run and later prospering as a mining community, Lal Lal grew quickly over the next two decades.

Development included the construction of hotels and the region became a tourist destination in its own right with the popularity of horse racing, particularly the New Year’s Day Picnic Race Meeting. In fact, the horse race was so popular that a branch line railway was built from Lal Lal Station to carry racegoers directly to the track. The last race was held in the 1930s however visitors can still take in the historic racecourse, railway station and even explore the remnants of the town’s mining past.