Dunnstown, located on the flats below Mount Warrenheip, is a picturesque rural village with a lively history.

With a strong Irish heritage, Dunnstown attracted a vast number of Irish settlers escaping the potato famine of the 1850s who chose the township for its proximity to the thriving Ballarat goldfields.

The village thrived with a local sawmill, distillery and eventually potato farms providing a prosperous outlook for the settlers.

Remnants of the past remain on offer for visitors to the area with the distillery buildings listed on the Victorian Heritage Register. The original Catholic school, church and pub are still in existence. In fact the pub, the Shamrock Hotel, is still in operation and serves up a variety of hearty meals 7 days per week.

Mount Warrenheip is located to the north of Dunnstown and is one of only two Victorian volcanos still covered by bushland. The Mt Warrenheip Flora Reserve is situated at the top of the mountain and overlooks surrounding farmlands and Kryal Castle. Mount Warrenheip is also home to ‘The Mountain of Fun Run’, an annual fun run currently celebrating its 10th year.

Make a detour, take a peek and stop at the pub and rub shoulders with the locals. You’ll be most welcome.