A typical Moorabool resident who works locally will head to a farm, family business, construction site, manufacturing business, or retail.



 Incredible investment opportunities 

The diversity of Moorabool’s economy, from agriculture through to professional services, underpins our economic resilience. Whilst sustaining our unique regional/rural lifestyle, we leverage our enviable ease of access to Melbourne, Ballarat and Geelong. 

The liveability of the Shire is key to attracting higher value workers and businesses. Aspects such as housing, skills, transport, access to community infrastructure, culture, health, the natural environment and social capital all influence the economic sustainability of Moorabool. Liveability and visitability are two sides of the same coin – as such tourism and awareness of the Shire’s brand are key to our vision for growth.

More than 2,800 businesses

There are more than 2,800 businesses in Moorabool Shire and about half of those are in Bacchus Marsh.

One of the most important industries is agriculture. The industry employs more than 750 people across 480 farm businesses and generates about $60 million every year.

Prime location

The location is ideal. It is close to Melbourne and Ballarat markets, and the export points of Melbourne Airport and the ports of Melbourne and Geelong. This makes the area very attractive for value-added manufacturing in products such as fruit, vegetables, milk, wool, and meat. 

Manufacturing growth

Manufacturing is Moorabool’s growth industry. There are about 60 manufacturing businesses split across the following sectors:

  • Machinery and equipment (21%)
  • Metal products (15%)
  • Food and beverages (12%)

Nearly 75% of the Shire’s manufacturing businesses are in Bacchus Marsh.

A vibrant construction industry

The construction industry in Moorabool is vibrant and growing. It employs about 350 people and generates about $40 million a year.