Paste Ups Program

Kathy Holowko Life is Water - supplied.jpg

Council's Paste Up Program is designed to create moments of joy in everyday life - this is one of the pillars of our first Arts and Culture strategy, which Council adopted in August 2021.

This initiative seeks to create public spaces that are unique and engaging and offer immersive creative experiences for the entire community. The paste ups installed reflect the unique identities of our townships and their communities. They also work towards creating a Shire where there are many opportunities to engage in arts and cultural activities. 

The first paste-ups program was delivered over summer 2021-22, with five outstanding works created by local artists. The second paste ups program was delivered in early 2023 with an additional five works from local artists installed across the shire.

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2023 Paste Ups


Title: Beryl

Artist: Adam Bennet

Location: The Shambles, 95 Main Street, Gordon 


Beryl_Adam Bennet_web.PNG
Beryl was inspired by a French-language TV program about 'brut art'. Translated literally as 'raw art', the term refers to self-taught or naive artists with little or no contact with the conventions of the art world. Having art as a hobby and with no formal training, sometimes the worries of competition, acclaim, and convention can be subdued. The emergent joy of inner direction manifest over the course of watching that TV program in this unusual portrait sketch drawn on digital graph paper. The theme of colour came much later, and is in the form of a mosaic pattern with half-tone fill.



Title: Carnival undersea

Artist: Min Chiang

Location: First National Rayner, 175 Main Street, Bacchus Marsh  



Carnival Undersea_Min Chiang_web.PNG
Our imagination is an irreplaceable creative force. Every minute and every second, we are creating our own unique life. When I create on canvas, that's when I create everyday joy. I pampered the imagination when I painted the Carnival Undersea. I bring creatures to life and feel like they're dancing, swimming, and enjoying the moment.



Title: Water is Life

Artist: Kathy Holowko

Location: Karen's Kitchen, 19 Martin Street, Blackwood 


Kathy Holowko Life is Water - supplied.jpg

The fairy wren is a local resident that provides us with ‘encounter value’ - a scientific term used to describe the meaningful worth in chance meetings with wild animals. This artwork includes illustrations captured in the pristine environment of 18th century Australia and utilises the museum trope of the diorama to create a replica of an ecosystem. The three-dimensional composition is a contemporary interpretation that reflects upon the idea that a healthy waterway is the life blood of a habitat that allows plants and animals to flourish... including the human animal.


Title: Life Through a Kaleidoscope

Artist: Min Ray

Location: Lerderderg Library, 215 Main Street, Bacchus Marsh 

Life through a kaleidoscope_Min Ray_web.PNG

Have you ever looked through a kaleidoscope? It turns the world before you into geometric, colourful and joyful art. Let’s try to view life through a kaleidoscope.

Title: From Above

Artist: Samantha Thompson

Location: Mechanic's Institute, 143 Inglis Street, Ballan 



From Above_Samantha Thompson_web.PNG

My current work is focused on play; why and how we play, and what is socially acceptable for adults to engage in. I like to think we all love to play, as we did in childhood, without fear of judgment, and for no other reason than the pure joy of it. The oil on paper monoprints that I've developed each explore bodies and play. The bold rounded shapes overlap and intertwine with each other, creating a vibrant and 'playful' ascetic. The works intention is to spark joy and remind us all to make time for play in our lives.

2021-2022 Paste Ups


Title: Sulphur-Crested Cockatoos

Artist: Adam Bennet

Location: Gordons on Gordon, 69 Main Street, Gordon


Sulfur Crested Cockatoo by Adam Bennet (A3, 2021).png
Sulphur-Crested Cockatoos were a regular visitor on the back balcony of my apartment. At the time I was living in Sydney and working long hours in a busy job. Often, I would arrive home to find a flock of these magnificent birds perched over the back guardrail and furniture, peering around inquisitively. Immediately, the stress of the day would dissolve, replaced by feelings of joy and connection with nature. Over time I came to look forward to seeing them, and I learned that these birds are large, brave, intelligent, and curious, and they live for many decades in the wild. 



Title: Night Shift

Artist: Tomas Lineker

Location: Fabulous Flowers Ballan, 148B Inglis St, Ballan



The night shift series is a body of work I have created with my spare time after work, mostly at night-time. Aimed to bring joy through colours driven by a fervent desire to find the perfect colour combinations and thirst to keep exploring and learning.



Title: Superstellar

Artist: Min Ray

Location: Millrose Cottage, 92 Inglis Street 


Min Ray_Superstellar_LR.jpg

We are our own planets and we are all different. We are different sizes, different colours and different in the way we interact with each other. Together we create a wonderful world, full of colour, magic and joy.


Title: Patterns in Nature

Artist: Anu Patel

Location: Lerderderg Library, 215 Main Street, Bacchus Marsh 


The themes explored in the artworks are inspired by the geology and the ecology of Bacchus Marsh and the surrounding areas. My moments of joy come from a daily immersion in my surrounding landscapes. The colours, textures and patterns within the geological landscape are a great source of inspiration to me as an artist. I feel very privileged to be part of this unique and significant location.

Title: Supporting front line workers

Artist: Liz Thompson, Bacchus Marsh

Location: Bacchus Marsh RSL, 203 Main St, Bacchus Marsh




An extention of an initative by participants in the Community Leadership Program. Thank you to our frontline workers is a celebration of all the frontline workers who continued to serve us during lockdown, from nurses to supermarket attendants, police officers to baristas, we say thank you.


The paste ups program artists and locations are selected through an expression of interest process - if you would like to be involved either as an artist or a host-business, contact the Arts and Culture team via email to