Ballan Program – Saturday July 16, 12 – 9pm




Jeremy Beggs

12 – 1pm

Zest Café

Continental Drift

12pm - 1pm

Rosie the Caravan

Fiona Ross and Shane O'Mara

1pm – 2pm

Rosie the Caravan


The Suburban (Riley Beech)

2pm – 3pm

Rosie the Caravan



3pm – 4pm

Rosie the Caravan


1pm – 2pm

Sweet n Sassy

Young and Local

4pm – 6pm

Ballan Mechanics Institute

 An afternoon of local talent curated by The Stage is Yours
 Mirlyn   1pm - 1.45pm

 The Great Western Hotel

 Dave Weston  2pm - 2.45pm

 The Great Western Hotel

 Andrew Borg   3pm - 3.45pm

 The Great Western Hotel

 Murphy Holmes  4pm - 4.45pm

 The Great Western Hotel

The Pete Daffy Trio

6pm - 6.45pm

The Great Western Hotel

 The East Enders  7pm - 7.45pm  The Great Western Hotel


Outdoor Activation Program

ARTIST                                                   TIME                   LOCATION

Wild Canary                                            2.00–3.00pm      Roving

Wild Canary                                            3.30–4.00pm      Roving

Wombat Regional Arts network              all day/night       Artist Alcove, Ballan Hardware, Inglis Street

Heidi Elva - sound installation                5.00–7.00pm      Mclean Reserve Rotunda, 24 Fisken St, Ballan VIC 3342

Young Hide and Seek - projections        5.30–7.30pm      The side of 148 Inglis St

Young Hide and Seek - projections        5.30–7.30pm      Great Western Hotel Car Park

This festival is proudly brought to you by Moorabool Shire Council and the Live Music Office.