MAPP Up in Lights

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Moorabool Art Pathway Program (MAPP) are two outdoor galleries, at AA McLean Reserve Ballan and the Bacchus Marsh Village Green.  They are designed to put artists on the MAPP! The galleries support artists to exhibit in lightboxes of various dimensions. The light boxes are double sided and can be used for small 3D works, or back to back 2D displays.   Expressions of interest are now open.   


  • MAPP Up in Lights Ballan - AA McLean Reserve, Fiskin Street, Ballan
  • MAPP Up in Lights Bacchus Marsh - Village Green, 197 Main Street, Bacchus Marsh

Dimensions: Ballan: Five in total
4 light box spaces @ 340mm x545mm x 220mm deep
1 light box space @ x 340mm x 340mm x 220mm deep

Dimensions: Bacchus Marsh: Nine in total
light box spaces x 340mm x 545mm x 220mm deep
3 light box spaces x 340mm x 340mm x 220mm deep

Thank you for your interest in exhibiting works in one or both of the outdoor gallery spaces.  Please complete and submit the following expression of interest form.  Once received, the Arts Activation Events Officer will be in touch with you to discuss possibilities.  Exhibitions are expected to be for a duration of two to three months for specific dates as agreed to with Moorabool Shire Council.  Exhibitors will be remunerated for their expenses as agreed with Moorabool Shire Council.  

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Current Exhibits

"Sinking Feeling' Emma Winkler – 13 December 2023 to 28 February 2024, Bacchus Marsh

At the core of ‘Sinking Feeling’ is the question of how to deal with death as the ultimate, inevitable unknown. Addressing this confronting topic with humour and absurdism, this exhibition presents a playful exploration of the responses and questions death evokes. Through complex collages, ‘Sinking Feeling’ focuses on avoidance and the futility of attempting to ward off death, drawing on euphemisms and superstitions. Efforts to prevent or deny one’s impending doom are depicted within fractured layers and distressed, comedic cartoons. Informed by experiences of mental health conditions and encounters with death, these works explore the relationship between superstition, avoidance, obsession and anxiety. Rather than shying away from death and increasing one's dread, ‘Sinking Feeling’ playfully explores the way embracing and reframing death can be an antidote to anxiety. 

Artist Bio (link: )

Emma Lyn Winkler’s practice explores the unknown, death, failure and the absurd. She works with collage, painting and video. Her process uses personal photographs, developmental notes and my found imagery database to create collages, large-scale paintings and hand-painted animations. A crucial part of Emma’s practice is humour, providing entry points into potentially taboo discussions through playful yet sincere works. Drawing on fears and experiences growing up, her work examines approaches to death, within the context of Western culture and medieval references such as the ‘Danse Macabre.’

‘Everyday Play’ Angharad Neil Williams 11 December 2023 to 4 March 2024, Ballan

The exhibition celebrates small moments of joy in daily life by giving them the space and time that painting provides. The process of painting is slow, requiring time and layers to develop, giving time to small and fleeting moments. When celebrating small moments we can find commonality and comfort.

The series of painted line drawings provide windows into daily life and the vulnerability that is exposed when sharing elements of ones everyday routines. Drawings form a marker of time and an insightful diary into personal life and observations. 

Artist Bio  About - Angharad Neal-Williams — Angharad

Angharad Neal-Williams is an Illustrator, graphic recorder and designer based in Naarm/Melbourne. Her distinct style combines line drawing with subtle colours to create thoughtful, fun and optimistic outcomes. She creates designs that are clean and impactful through the use of both digital and traditional mediums.