Urban design & neighbourhood character guidelines

The Urban Design Guidelines are useful for all types of residential development and subdivision across all of Moorabool. They simplify and explain a lot of what Council assesses in planning permit applications. You should use the guidelines when thinking about developing in Moorabool.

Neighbourhood Character 

An important part of the guidelines is neighbourhood character. All areas have a neighbourhood character, even if it is not very clear or consistent. It takes into account street layout, landscaping, architectural elements, size and layout of lots, and more.

Council has defined the existing and preferred neighbourhood character across residential Bacchus Marsh and Ballan. Development applications in these areas need to consider and respond to the existing or preferred character.

Application Checklists

You can use a checklist to help respond to the guidelines and neighbourhood character. This will help you understand what we will consider, and make it easier to assess. There are two types of checklists depending on whether your development is infill or greenfield:

  • Infill development applies to a land within existing urban areas that are either undeveloped or are going to be redeveloped. Typically, redevelopment would seek to increase the density of housing on the site.
  • Greenfield development applies to a land that is undeveloped in a growth area setting that is mostly vacant and zoned for residential development. These sites typically provide for 60 or more lots.