Community satisfaction survey

As part of our promise to you and in line with our Customer Charter, we recognise the importance of a great experience for all. Our annual Community Satisfaction Survey is your chance to give us feedback so we can keep improving. We also survey you after we resolve your enquiry, if you provide us your email. 

Each year a state-wide community satisfaction survey is carried out throughout Victoria local governments. Participation in this survey is optional, but we believe strongly in its value. 

Read the full Community Satisfaction Survey report for 2023(PDF, 3MB)

Key findings

  • Moorabool Shire Council’s overall performance score experienced a two-point increase over the past 12 months. This score is in-line with other large rural councils and lower than the state-wide average for all councils. 
  • Council improved or maintained its score for 9 of the 14 services compared to 2022 including significant improvements in the service areas of recreational facilities (up 4 points) and lobbying efforts (up 6 points). Both are now higher than the average for the Large Rural group of Councils, and ‘Lobbying efforts’ are now higher than the state-wide average for all councils. 
  • Other notable improvements include increased scores for ‘Waste Management’ (up 3 points), and ‘Decisions made in the community’s interest’ (up 3 points).  This is a positive outcome for Council as ‘Lobbying efforts’ and ‘Decisions made in the community’s interest’ were two of the areas identified to focus on from last year’s Community Satisfaction Survey.
  • Waste management (up 3 points), the appearance of public areas (down 1 point), and recreational facilities (up 4 points) were Councils highest rated services in 2023. 
  • The condition of sealed roads (down 7 points) and the condition of local streets and footpaths (down 4 points) were identified as the top areas to focus on for improvement.

Top three areas for improvement

  • Overall Council directions
  • Value for money
  • Overall performance.

The last three years

Community Satisfaction Survey 2022(PDF, 3MB)

Community Satisfaction Survey 2021(PDF, 3MB)

Community Satisfaction Survey 2020(PDF, 6MB) 

Services  Moorabool 2023  Moorabool 2022 Large Rural 2022 Statewide 2022 Highest score Lowest score
Overall performance 52 50 55 59  Aged 65+ years  Aged 35-49 years
Value for money 44 42 48 53 Aged18-34 years Aged 35-49 years
Overall Council directions 43 45 47 50 Bacchus Marsh
Remainder of shire
Customer service 62 66 67 68 Aged 65+ years Ballan residents
Appearance of public areas 60 61 67 71 Women Aged 35-49 years
Waste management 64 61 65 68 Aged 65+ years Aged 50-64 years
Family support services 58 58 65 65 Bacchus Marsh residents
aged 18-34 years
Ballan residents,
remainder of shire
Bus/community dev./tourism 53 53 58 60 Aged18-34 years Aged 65+ years
Recreational facilities 59 55 66 69 Ballan residents,
aged 65+ years
Aged 35-49 years