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What does a Councillor do?

  • Councillors are our community leaders elected to form a Council.
  • They provide vision and strategic direction
  • They make policy decisions on behalf of the whole community
  • Their time may be split between family and work commitments whilst performing specific Council duties.
    • This could include community involvement, advocacy, and decision making at Council forums and meetings.
  • The role and functions of a Council are set out under Sections 3D and 3E of the Local Government Act 1989.


Moorabool Shire's Wards

Wards are the electorates a Councillor represents. Moorabool Shire consists of one four-Councillor ward and three single-Councillor wards. The division is:

  • East Moorabool Ward - 4 Councillors 
  • Central Moorabool Ward - 1 Councillor 
  • West Moorabool Ward - 1 Councillor 
  • Woodlands Ward - 1 Councillor

Meet Your Councillors


Code of Conduct

The Councillors Code of Conduct was adopted by resolution of Council on 8 February 2017 in accordance with section 76C of the Local Government Act 1989. 

The Code of Conduct is established as part of Council's commitment to govern Moorabool Shire effectively and adhering to the principles of good governance.


All Councillors are committed to:

  • Acting with integrity; and
  • Impartially exercising his or her responsibilities in the interests of the local community; and
  • Not improperly seeking to confer an advantage or disadvantage on any person.


Mayoral Elections

Following Council elections, it is the responsibility of the newly elected Councillors to elect one Councillor as Mayor. The Mayoral term may be for 12 or 24 months pending a decision of Council. The elected Mayor may either be re-elected for another 12-month term or Councillors may elect another Councillor as Mayor. The Mayoral election is conducted at a Statutory and Annual Appointments Meeting in early November. A Deputy Mayor may also be appointed.


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