Lal Lal Bungal Historic Area/State Forest

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Lal Lal Blast Furnace
Lal Lal Bungal Historical Area
Lal Lal State Forest

Located within the State Forest, the historical area offers an insight into the fascinating history of the region.

The centre piece of the historic area is the iron mine and blast furnace. According to Heritage Victoria, the only attempt at mining and smelting iron ore in Victoria took place at Lal Lal in the latter stages of the nineteenth century. In the mid-1870s, the Lal Lal Iron Company installed mining machinery, erected a large blast furnace and constructed a tramway to convey ore from the mine. For a brief time in the early 1880s, the Lal Lal Company had over 100 men engaged in mining and smelting the iron ore, gathering limestone (flux) and firewood, and manufacturing charcoal. The company also operated a foundry at Ballarat. The Lal Lal Iron Works had ceased operations by the end of the 1880s.

Interpretive signage and a wooden viewing platform have been installed to allow visitors to best view the iron mine and blast furnace. The site also offers a picnic area complete with toilets, BBQs, fire pits and camping.


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Lal Lal VIC 3352

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