Looking after my patch

All land managers have a responsibility to manage their land sustainably. It is important to protect the broader catchment for future generations.

This may be difficult and seem complex but it can also be exciting to see what a difference you can make.

Photo of Moorabool Shire rolling hills

How to live sustainably

At home

Making your home more sustainable can save you money. It can make it more comfortable to live in and reduce your environmental impact to benefit future generations.

Looking after native animals

Moorabool has a rich diversity of native animals and there is a lot you can do to help them thrive on your property.

Protecting existing native plants

The original vegetation in Moorabool Shire was quite varied and what remains is very special. One of the first steps to improving the native vegetation on your property is to protect what you’ve got.

Our special grasslands

Native grassland and grassy woodland communities in Moorabool are particularly special habitats.

Revegetation involves the re-establishment of vegetation. This is done through either planting seedlings, sowing seed (direct seeding), or using techniques to assist in natural regeneration.

Improving waterways

Protecting the health of waterways is a crucial part of owning a property, and run-off has to be managed so it does not affect water quality.

Controlling weeds

Pest plants, or weeds, have attributes that enable them to out-compete other species. Early identification and action will help prevent weed establishment or spread.

Controlling pest animals

Animals that are classified as pests must be controlled under the Catchment and Land Protection Act. This includes foxes, rabbits, wild dogs, feral pigs and feral goats. There are a range of techniques available to suit your situation.

Get support

There are many organisations and incentive programs to help landholders improve their property.

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