Connect with local environment groups

Landcare is a community-based volunteer movement that coordinates actions to care for our land. Joining your local Landcare group is a fantastic way of learning more about sustainable land management from local people. 

Moorabool Shire Landcare Groups

Landcare groups are made up of volunteers who are landowners working together to enhance the condition of their local environment, whether it is in a rural or urban area. These groups provide assistance and guidance to members concerning a range of land management concerns, including controlling weeds and pests, selecting and planting trees, controlling erosion, and preserving native flora and fauna. 

Moorabool Landcare Network is an example of such a group, and they offer local advice and support to members in the area.

Roger MacRaild, Moorabool Landcare Network facilitator: or visit

Moorabool Environment and Sustainability Advisory Committee

The Committee was formed in 1998.

It has representatives from each of the following:

  • Moorabool Landcare and Friends Groups
  • Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF)
  • Country Fire Authority (CFA)
  • Council members

Meetings are on the first Monday of each month.

Representatives discuss land management issues and provide advice to Council.

Moorabool Environment Group

Some of the activities of the group include:

  • No new coal Bacchus Marsh campaign
  • Providing environmental information for the community
  • Solar information sessions
  • Spring garden workshops (such as keeping chooks, starting a worm farm, and growing succulents)
  • Monthly produce swap in Bacchus Marsh
  • Ballan Hospital Community Garden
  • Clean Up Australia events
  • Local Landcare and Friends Groups