Cat traps

A cat may be a nuisance if it is trespassing on private property. From 1 July 2021, cat owners must keep their cat within their property boundary from 6pm until 7am the next morning, or from 8:30pm until 7am the next morning during daylight savings.  

If you have a cat that often enters your property, you can hire a cat trap from Council. Council encourages neighbours to discuss the issues of roaming cats with each other first before undertaking any cat trapping. To organise a cat trap, please contact Council on 5366 7100. Please be aware that depending on the demand of cat traps, there may be a waiting list at times. Traps must only be set on Sunday to Thursday nights during the cat curfew hours. Trapped cats are to be transported to Council’s Animal Pound. Please call 5366 7100 to make an appointment to drop off a trapped cat.