Maddingley Park

Maddingley Park

The historical and picturesque Maddingley Park is best known for its community built adventure playground, set amongst the huge river redgum trees.

It is the largest playground in Bacchus Marsh and very popular for both residents and visitors. There's plenty of seating and tables around the enclosed playground, with shelter, and toilets nearby. Just a short one-minute walk from the Bacchus Marsh Railway Station, Maddingley Park is the perfect place to share a wonderful day with family and friends.


Developed from 1887, Maddingley Park remains Bacchus Marsh's major public parkland and recreational space. It holds significant historical value, particularly for its role in the town's social and sporting development in the period of 1887-1952. The park serves as a community space for gatherings and events, reflecting its enduring importance for locals and visitors alike.

Its design and layout represent typical features of 19th and early 20th-century municipal gardens, contributing to its architectural significance. Additionally, the park features commemorative elements honoring key figures in the town's history.

With its rich historical backdrop and functional amenities, Maddingley Park remains an integral part of Bacchus Marsh's identity. It continues to serve as a cherished green space for leisure and community engagement, embodying the town's enduring heritage for future generations to appreciate.

Enjoy the picnic areas and playgrounds, set up some sporting activities, or just relax and enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings. Maddingley Park is the ideal choice for a day trip. 

Sports facilities

Maddingley Park is home to a number of sporting facilities and clubs, and fitness equipment is also available for use. The Park contains the following recreation facilities:

  • One full-size oval suitable for cricket, Australian Rules and other field activities
  • One oval suitable for junior cricket, Australian Rules (training only) and other field activities (Siberia)
  • 19 tennis courts (including nine grass courts available in summer only and 10 courts available all year round) and one netball court.
  • Five cricket practice nets

Bookings can be made for the ovals and courts through Council's booking program IMS.

Make a booking

Please note, only sports areas can be booked - we cannot make bookings for public park areas.

For more information on the future of Maddingley Park you can access the Maddingley Park Masterplan


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