Request an infringement review

If you have received an infringement from Moorabool Shire Council you can submit a request for a review by Council's internal review panel. By law, review requests must be submitted in writing and each infringement notice can only be reviewed once. The application must be forwarded to Moorabool Shire Council within 28 days from the date of issue of the notice.

The following must be included within your review:

  • name & postal address
  • the infringement notice number
  • an explanation for why you believe the infringement notice should be reviewed (include any relevant supporting evidence) 
  • the grounds on which you are applying

The four main grounds for review are listed below.

1. Contrary to Law 

If you believe that the decision to fine you was inconsistent with the law, invalid or that the officer who issued the fine acted unlawfully, unfairly, improperly or outside their authority. 

2. Mistake of Identity

If you believe you are not the person who committed the offence and that the fine was issued to you by mistake.

3. Exceptional Circumstances

If the offence was committed due to unavoidable or exceptional circumstances (medical emergency or a vehicle breakdown). Please include supporting evidence if applying under this ground.

4. Special Circumstances

If you can show that one or more of the following applies to you and resulted in you being unable to understand or control the behavior that led to your infringement.

  • Intellectual disability
  • Mental illness or disorder
  • A serious addiction to drugs or alcohol
  • Homelessness
  • Family violence

More information and assistance regarding infringements can be accessed through Legal Aid Victoria.