Safety around schools

Council Officers and Victoria Police regularly patrol school areas to protect children and other road users, especially during school hours.

If you arrive at school shortly before the bell sounds, it is very unlikely you will find a legal place to stop. Plan ahead, be early, or park safely and legally further away and walk your children to school.

When driving around a school it is important to pay attention to the school zone speed limit of 40 kmh, and ensure you do not use your mobile phone or perform any unsafe manoeuvres.

We are all responsible for protecting children and need to think and act responsibly and set a good example. Remember to use the school crossing and follow the crossing supervisor’s directions. 

Enforcement of parking and stopping

Council officers conduct proactive on foot and vehicle patrols of all schools within the shire. Enforcement action includes education of motorists and the issuing of infringements.

Infringements can be issued one of two ways:

  1. On the spot fine attached to the vehicle.
  2. Infringements issued and sent in the post.

We are driven by safety concerns and ensuring motorists are educated in road safety around schools.

A common misconception is that you cannot receive a parking infringement if your car is not “parked”, but in fact your vehicle only needs to be stationary regardless of whether your car is in “Park”. For example: stopping in a ‘No Stopping” zone with your car in “Drive” and your foot on the break, you are still stopped illegally and may receive an infringement.

It is important to note that officers may take photos of any offence committed for use as evidence and legal proceedings. 

Other regulations where motorists must not stop include:

  • Stopping on or across driveway or other way of access
  • Stopping on or next to a yellow edge line
  • Stopping within 10 meters of an intersection
  • Stopping on footpaths or nature strips
  • Stopping within 20 meters before or 10 meters after a marked children's crossing
  • Stopping double parked

School crossings

School Crossing Supervisors play a vital safety role in your children's lives. Crossing supervisors are located at some intersections, pedestrian crossings, and flagged children's crossings within the shire. 

When a school crossing is in operation, it is important that everyone crosses at the designated crossing and follows the directions of the crossing supervisor.  Always stand behind the line and wait until the supervisor has clearly blown their whistle. When crossing, do not ride bikes or scooters, bounce balls or run. Cross quickly and safely.

We send our children to school to learn, but we must remember that we need to lead by example, always use the designated crossing.

If you have any questions regarding school crossings or parking around schools, please contact the Community Safety team on 5366 7100