Ballan Library, Arts and Tourism Hub

  • Project typeArts and tourism
  • Project value$7.5M (Costs: External funding = $5.5M Council = $2M)

About the project:

The existing Ballan Library does not meet community needs and this will continue to grow as the population increases. The building does not meet accessibility standards and is unable to provide internet access to public.  In addition to providing library services, this project has the potential to provide space for an arts and tourism hub.

The estimated economic benefit of this project is $14,469,332 with 20 full time jobs created during construction.

  • The proportion of children that are developmentally at risk with respect to language and cognitive skills almost doubled, from 9.6% to 17.6%, in Ballan and surrounds from 2012 to 2018.
  • Ballan Library is currently 37% of the size required to meet the demand and service requirements of the township's population (not including the surrounding towns).
  • With the population set to grow to 7,000 by 2041, the current library would be 16% of the size required by then.
  • Over the past two years, visits to the Ballan Library have increased by 25%, with an increase of 60% to Rhyme Time sessions and an average of 25 families wishing to attend each pre‐school Storytime session. 
  • Almost one in five residents (18.4%) in Ballan and surrounds do not have access to internet at home. In comparison, around one in 10 are in the same position in Greater Melbourne (11.3%).
Ballan Library