Unmade roads (paper roads)

’Paper road’ is a term commonly used for a road that is legally established (ie. a designated road reservation is recorded in survey plans) but the physical road has not formally been constructed.

Paper roads typically comprise a natural surface generally cleared for access to property and formed only with a worn path from local vehicle usage. They are not uncommon, with several hundred kilometres throughout the shire. Although the public has the right to access these road reservations at any time, they are not included on Council’s Register of Public Roads and, as such, they are not managed or maintained by Council.

Our policy relates to paper roads within the local road network in Moorabool Shire. It does not apply to roads or road reservations under the management of other authorities such as Regional Roads Victoria, the Department of Energy, Environment, and Climate Action, water authorities, or private access roads.

For more information you can view the Management and maintenance of unmade paper roads policy.

You can also contact us to speak with a member of the Assets team.