Traffic management

Our traffic management services address problems relating to parking, the environment, damage to structures, and the movement of traffic. We also aim to promote cycling, walking, and the use of public transport to bring community health benefits.

Traffic improvement works (calming treatments)

For any planned traffic management works, Council assesses the purpose, advantages and disadvantages, locations, and indicative cost.

Traffic management treatments are categorised according to:

  • vertical deflection devices (i.e. speed humps or speed cushions)
  • horizontal deflection devices(i.e. road narrowing)
  • diversion devices and signage
  • line marking
  • other treatments

Different treatment options may be required depending on:

  • excessive speeds and volumes
  • through traffic 
  • vehicle/vehicle or pedestrian/vehicle conflict

Traffic volumes will normally only be reduced if a closure or turn ban is implemented to force traffic along another route. Any reduction in traffic in one street could potentially increase traffic on another. As a result, closures or turn bans should only be considered in exceptional circumstances. It is often a better option to manage traffic in its current volumes.

Aggressive driving (hooning)

Penalties for hoon driving offences include the vehicle being impounded, immobilised,  or forfeited. To report aggressive driving activity call the Crime Stoppers Hoon Hotline on 1800 333 000 or report it online at