Scheduled road closures

Steiglitz Street, Ballan

Steiglitz Street, Ballan will be closed from Cowie Street to West of IGA driveway as shown below, from 27 March to 28 April 2023.

All residents of this area (red hatch on the left) can access their properties from the east.

East of Fisken Street will remain closed (red hatch on the right).

The area between IGA and Fisken St (yellow hatch) which is now closed, will be open on 27 March.

The school bus stop which is located inside the yellow hatch, and has been moved to Cowie St, will remain at Cowie St until 28 April.

Steiglitz Street closure 3.png

Stanley Street Gordon

Stanley Street is scheduled to be closed on Tuesday 28 and Wednesday 29 March.

Lerderderg River Walking Track

Works are scheduled to commence Tuesday 14 March, and are expected to be completed in 3 weeks (weather depending).

Works include construction of concrete and granitic sand footpath, and minor drainage works. 

lerderderg walking track footpath.png

Gaynor Street, Maddingley

Gaynor Street, Maddingley is scheduled to be closed West of Mitchem St from Monday 20 March due to drainage works.

Please see below traffic management plan for days and nights.

Road will be closed for approximately 10 days, re-opening on 31 March (weather depending). 

Gaynor St Maddingley.png

Gaynor St Maddingley 2.png