Nature strips

It is your responsibility to keep your nature strip safe and maintained.  

Council is responsible for maintaining nature strips at town entrances and high-profile areas. We are also responsible for the street trees planted on the nature strip.

A Nature Strip Policy(PDF, 153KB) and Guideline(PDF, 8MB) has been developed to provide residents with an overview of the responsibilities of both Council and the community, as well as information on renovation works which are permitted to be undertaken within the nature strip area as well as  when a permit is required to be obtained. These documents apply to nature strips in residential areas in Bacchus Marsh and Ballan. 

Nature strip Guideline(PDF, 8MB)

Nature strip Policy(PDF, 153KB)

Application checklist

To submit a nature strip permit application, firstly you must:

  • Confirm underground services from ‘Dial Before You Dig
  • Confirm your nature strip is in an area that is permitted to be landscaped (Bacchus Marsh and Ballan residential zoned land). Some areas are cultural heritage protected areas, main roads or outside town boundaries (where speed zone greater than 60km per hour) which are not included. To confirm this check the Policy(PDF, 153KB)  and Guideline(PDF, 8MB)  or contact Council to confirm
  • If a rental property, seek approval of the property owner
  • ensure you are familiar with the Nature strip Policy & Guideline that apply to your application which provides information on for permitted and non-permitted landscape works

How to apply

Next Steps

If approved, we will email your permit within 10 working days.

Once you have received your permit, you can start your naturestrip works. You cannot start any naturestrip works (including the delivery of any materials and equipment) until a permit is granted.

Your permit is valid for 3 months from the date of issue.

When you must apply for a permit

You must apply for a naturestrip Permit if you are planning to make any changes to the naturestrip in Moorabool Shire (excluding natural turf and grass)

Nature strip works and other works that require a permit

The following is a list of common works at Naturestrip that will need a permit:

  • Planting of small shrubs on the naturestrip
  • Mulching around shrubs and plants in naturestrip
  • Installation of compacted gravel/sand

Any work except listed above may requires additional permits. Please contact us for further information.