Before you apply for a planning permit

It can be tricky to work out if you need a planning permit. Before you begin, check out our easy to use self guides.

To request written planning advice that will let you know whether your proposal needs a Planning Permit, you can find out how to apply below. The fee for this service is $105 and usually takes up to 10 days. 

You can also search our planning register online to see if a planning permit has been issued for a property.

Request written planning advice

Step 1.To complete the application 

Step 2.To apply

Download and complete an (DOCX, 351KB)application form(PDF, 181KB) and send it to us via email or post.

Once received we will call you to request payment via credit card.


Post: PO Box 18, Ballan Victoria 3342


What happens next?

We will send a written response within 10 business days to your email address, or via post if requested. This letter will confirm if you need a planning permit for your proposed use and/or development.