Amendment C79 - Bacchus Marsh Housing Strategy

Moorabool Shire has prepared Amendment C79 to the Moorabool Planning Scheme. The Amendment is based on implementation of the Strategy “Housing Bacchus Marsh to 2041” (adopted by Council in August 2016).        

A Planning Panel was held in May and June 2018, to consider submissions received during the exhibition period.

Read the Panel's Report including the Panel’s recommendations(PDF, 1MB) .

Details of the amendment:

  • Changes to Residential Zones and Zone Schedules.
  • Including the adopted Council Strategy “Housing Bacchus Marsh to 2041” as a reference document to the Moorabool Planning Scheme. The Strategy includes 32 neighbourhood character precincts each with corresponding design guidelines.
  • Changes to policy text and maps in the Municipal Strategic Statement of the Moorabool Planning Scheme, including Clause 21.07 (Bacchus Marsh) and Clause 21.03 (Settlement and Housing).


Objectives for the housing strategy include:

  • Providing an integrated body of work that captures the key aspects of housing supply and demand for Bacchus Marsh.
  • Identifying housing stock diversity targets and how these targets can be achieved.
  • Developing a clear direction and policy to enable orderly growth, managed change and the retention of key elements of neighbourhood character.
  • Developing a strategy for residential growth that considers the specific pressures for housing in Bacchus Marsh and the desire to support investment into, and access to, key activity centres throughout the settlement.
  • Providing a basis for Moorabool Shire Council to develop a clear vision on housing issues across Bacchus Marsh.


What do the zoning and schedule changes mean?

Under Amendment C79 most properties in Bacchus Marsh are proposed to retain the same zone but have a new zone schedule. In these cases, it means there could be different requirements to State Standard requirements that would most often affect medium density development proposals and subdivision.

For full details please view the relevant Zone Schedules on the amendment documentation page.

Settlement types:

Amendment C79 includes four settlement types available on a large map here(PDF, 3MB) In order of least to most neighbourhood change these growth types can be ordered as “Minimal”, “Natural”, “Increased” and “Greenfield” growth. The settlement types are likely to affect the future change neighbourhoods can expect to experience, particularly in terms of medium-density housing. A Planning Permit application that accords with the settlement type for the area would be more likely to be supported.

Chapter 4 (Settlement Framework Plan) of Housing Bacchus Marsh to 2041 contains further detail about settlement types.

Neighbourhood character precincts:

The neighbourhood character precincts are intended to influence the design of, primarily, infill and unit developments.

You can view the 32 Precincts identified in the Bacchus Marsh Housing Strategy on this enhanced map(PDF, 3MB).

Read more about the precincts in our Neighbourhood Character brochures(PDF, 4MB).

Amendment C79 documentation and planning maps are available on the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning website


The Amendment was gazetted on 15 November 2018.